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For women that are of 50 or older, the chances of experiencing osteoporosis and bone fracture are very high at about 50%. And while bone fractures are very serious and that appear later in life, a broken hip specifically is very serious and it happens to at least 8% of women after they go through menopause. There’s zero doubt that a broken hip can be a life-changing experience for all women, not only that but it can increase the chances of death and even needing home care as well as depression. One of the first and most important steps to making sure you keep your bones healthy is by going to the doctor for a DEXA scan salt lake city.

What exactly is a DEXA scan?

Getting frequently evaluated by your doctor is a very crucial step in preventing and treating bone loss, and a DEXA scan is the best way to screen for any bone loss and osteoporosis. Dexa scan also stands for dual-energy x-ray, this machine measures the minerals of your bones as well as the density of your bones, it is also inexpensive and usually covered by your health insurance.

How often should you get tested with a DEXA scan?

Based on the recent osteoporosis guidelines, women that are 65 years and who are still in a healthy condition and not at risk for osteoporosis should start DEXA scan exams every year. Unfortunately, recent research shows that alot of older women are not receiving the right screening time and proper treatment. Despite the recommendation for screening and treatment of all women who are the age of 65 or older, only about 405 of women receive a bone density screening.

Are too many younger women receiving DEXA scans?

Some of the latest research shows that there are alot of younger women who might be receiving screening for osteoporosis with a DEXA scan when it’s not necessary. This can potentially lead to overtreatment which can cause more damage than bring more good. Dexa scans should not be used in younger women, they should only be used on women who are 65 and older.

Younger Women Can Benefit If They Have Certain Health Issues and Risk Factors

If you’re a woman that is younger than 65, you should only think about a DEXA scan if you have certain health issues or have risk factors such as arthritis, fracture from trauma, have parents with a bad hip, or have low body weight. Other good reasons to get a DEXA scan before the age of 65 might include heavy drinking, heavy smoking, or using drugs for a long period of time.

So if you’re a woman that is 65 years or older, you should be receiving a DEXA scan salt lake city no matter what your risks are. If you are younger than 65, the decision of whether to get a DEXA scan or not will all depend on your risks. A great way that you can self-assess your risks is by using a special tool called FRAX. this tool can help you tell whether you need a DEXA scan or not before the age of 65.


When Should I Get My First DEXA Scan Salt Lake City?