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Harmful Side Effects Of Skipping Breakfast

You probably have heard before that breakfast is the most important meal of your day. And you’re probably wondering why? You can just eat lunch later. Well, there is a reason why eating breakfast is important. There are also many bad side effects that come with skipping breakfast park city in the morning. 

Potential weight gain

If you have been gaining weight lately and you’re not sure exactly why it is happening. It could possibly be because you are skipping your meal in the mornings. Skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain. And this is because your body is starving itself already during the night and when you keep starving your body by avoiding eating breakfast, your body will start to crave for unhealthy foods like candy or chips. When you consume unhealthy snacks instead of eating a healthy breakfast, you are giving your body bad nutrients and those bad nutrients lead to weight gain. Also when you are really hungry, it’s very possible that you will eat anything that you can find without taking a note of how many calories you are consuming. All those unhealthy habits can lead to weight gain. Many people that are obese have become obese because of skipping breakfast.

Can cause headaches

The levels of sugar in your body are very low in the morning because your body went without food for a long period of time during the night. If you don’t consume breakfast in the morning, your body will release certain hormones to replace the low blood sugar levels to help your body. This is called Hypoglycemia.  While hypoglycemia helps balance the blood sugar levels, it also has some side effects that can lead to high blood pressure which will cause you to have very strong headaches. Study indicates that people who skip eating breakfast in the morning have a much higher risk of suffering from regular headaches.

Slows down metabolism 

When you skip any meals, your body functions will slow down to preserve the fuel, this is where your metabolism will slow down. The long fasting that your body goes through the night of not eating reduces the body’s ability to burn calories as fast as it usually would with eating food. So if you have a healthy meal in the morning it will give your metabolism a boost and it will help you lose weight. People who eat their breakfast every day have a higher level of metabolism. 

Can cause hair loss

One of the worst, most harmful side effects of not eating breakfast regularly is that it might cause hair loss. Breakfast meals have a lot of protein in them and protein can have an effect on the keratin levels in your body. So not having enough protein can cause you to have very low levels of keratin and keratin is a major role in promoting hair growth. So to avoid hair loss you need to make sure that you heat a healthy high protein breakfast park city every morning.


Effects Of Skipping Breakfast Park City
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