US Army OCP Uniform

What is so special about air force? Yes, it is the air force uniforms. Each branch requires an outfit. It also makes sense to get an environment-brown for the battlefield. The brown is suitable for the fighting environment. There are various uniforms for ships and planes, battlefields and bases, and for everywhere else.

The air force recently came up with a new uniform, and it is the same as the Army combat uniform. The aim was to unify forces and an effort to slim the military personnel wardrobe. The air force uniforms will see a change, and there will be a $237 million expense as it has to complete by April 2021.

Why There was Design Replacement?

The replacement of the design brings to the forefront of the Army’s OCP, an Operational Camouflage Pattern. It is a jumble of green, brown, and beige introduced three years ago by that branch. The armed forces in the U.S. aim to have a unified look. The military always has similar uniforms for its different branches. It also fosters camaraderie between services, and the aim to have uniforms is helpful as it does not instill unnecessary pride in a particular branch.

The Major General of the Air Force is taking a leading part in this transition effort. He believes that the Air Force is taking part in handling combat situations in the air and also in the ground daily. As air force has grown after WWII from the Army, it has borrowed often Army innovations and also the uniform design. After the Vietnam war, camouflage uniforms became the standard for the military. It was for both off and on the battlefield. It chose the technology of bringing multiple colors into perfect designs that mottle soldiers to hide from their enemies.

How the Design Came to be Acceptable?

In 2015 end, the Army started going towards the OCP and found it favorable. They began phasing out the earlier pattern. The Navy also took to a similar new pattern, and it also had a resemblance to OCP. The tan, new green, and black-patterned uniform gave rise to petitions that there was a need for something lightweight, comfortable, and breathable. Thus, there was fighting going on about the innovations and designs, many had to go battle testing, and eventually, there was an aesthetic shift in the military.

In the Air force, since its inception, the combat uniforms are in existence. It is known as utilities and the jobs, such as maintaining an airplane to the combat zones operation. The air force uniforms also have had nearly five uniforms. It was the solid green to blue suits for formal settings, while wartime additions were the tiger-stripe pattern. The Afghanistan and Iraq wars that dragged on found this uniform OCP was a one-stop solution. It was useful to blend into deserts and forests as it has multiple camouflage patterns.

Thus, the air force uniforms move to follow the Army, and the dress code for airmen will be the same, the OCP.

Air Force Uniforms Found a One-Stop Solution in the OCP as Their Dress Code